Le Bal de Paris



"Le bal de Paris by Blanca Li: the incredible immersive show that catapults the viewer into a fantasy world"

Vogue Italia




You are invited by Blanca Li to the biggest ball in Paris!


Music and dance merge with virtual reality to offer you an innovative and festive experience. Each participant, thanks to the use of augmented reality, optical visors and motion sensors, is invited to watch the show, but also to perform, interacting live with the dancers. Built around three large dance scenes, the virtual experience transports the audience into the vortex of a great love story, involving them in an entertaining and absolutely innovative show designed to be experienced with total body awareness. The spectator wears special equipment consisting of a headset, visor, backpack and wrist and ankle trackers.


The performance takes place standing up, following the paths indicated by the actors, who accompany the audience throughout the entire experience (approx. 35'). At the party, everyone is free to dance and have fun as they wish, and you can interact with whomever you wish.


This is a fabulous and disruptive show to experience with friends or family, which won the Golden Lion for Best VR Experience at the 78ᵃ Venice International Film Festival.


Chanel is the exclusive production partner and designed the virtual costumes for the show. But for whom in the show are the splendid dresses from the virtual and exclusive collection? Blanca Li explains that it is both the two dancers, who play the roles of Adèle and Pierre, and the spectators, who enter the ball as guests, who 'wear' them. "There, as soon as they put on their VR helmets, the spectators find themselves in front of a magnificent Chanel collection and have to choose the dress they prefer: there are 10 models of women's robes de soir and 6 of men's suits, complete with shoes, jewellery and accessories: all in the unmistakable style of the maison, très parisien! I really wanted everyone to have the experience of wearing a fabulous garment to take part in a masquerade ball: a dream come true, even if it is virtual".


Chanel is also the perfect style for Adèle, a woman the choreographer Blanca Li imagined as independent and dynamic, ready to leave everything behind, even love, to follow and realise her aspirations, proud to live the life she has chosen for herself.

"A woman "très Chanel", feminine and strong-willed at the same time, whom I wanted to enthral, also because of her love story, my spectators".


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