G A L L E R Y 

Letters from Clara

 Concert with actress


Costanza Principe  piano

Sandra Ceccarelli actress 



Music was the foundation on which Clara Wieck's relationship with her husband, Robert Schumann, was born and developed.


Clara's letters and diaries allow us to reconstruct the evolution of that unique, inseparable and controversial bond.

In the opera, Clara's reflections and music follow each other, recounting the complexity of their relationship; everything seems to find a mysterious synthesis and an unfathomable evolutionary path: on the one hand Clara's success in life, on the other her substantial posthumous oblivion, as well as her husband's posthumous success.

That relationship between Clara and Robert, perhaps represents that mysterious dream space, within which Robert's works and the remarkable legacy he left in the history of music came to life.

Pianist Costanza Principe, brings to the surface from semi-oblivion compositions by the young Clara and themes on which Robert Schumann would later develop Variations, actress Sandra Ceccarelli interprets Clara's voice.  



Musical programme

Robert Schumann Papillons Op. 2

Clara Wieck Romance Varièe Op. 3

Clara Wieck Ballade No.4 Op.6

Robert Schumann Träumerei from Kinderszenen Op. 15

Clara Wieck Scherzo in C minor No. 2 Op.14

Robert Schumann Improvvisi Op.5- Version (1850)