Ms. Ilaria Scaffardi


About me

After graduating in foreign languages from Parma University in 1991, I immediately started working in the field of arts administration. My roles included tour manager for famous dance companies, with ATER (Associazione Teatri Emilia Romagna); organiser of Parma’s theatre festival for the year it was dedicated to actor Eimuntas Nekrosius, with Teatro Due; and interpreter and organisation manager for the European tours of symphony orchestras, with Old & New Monte Carlo.


My natural flair for public relations combined with the wealth of expertise I acquired in a variety of arts sectors led me to open my own artist management agency.

Since 2008, I have adopted a versatile approach to my work, which includes promoting soloists, conductors, orchestras and ballet dancers; providing operatic consultancy and coordination for theatres abroad; designing fundraising events for not-for-profit organisations; and joint productions and cultural exchanges.

As a result of my experience in organising various arts events, I have built up a rich network of relationships and partnerships with Italian and foreign cultural institutes. This has enhanced my arts management skills, which further benefit from the solid relationships I have developed over the years.