Tirana Opera Ballet

Tirana Opera Ballet was formed in 1950 together with Albanian Philharmonic, and then, in 1953 became part of the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. It was originally founded by dancer prepared before the ballet courses at cultural centers for children and self Philharmonic. Later, Ballet troupe was enriched with soloists prepared in Moscow (B.S), who were and promoters of the creation of the ballet school, initially at TOB, and then as a special school.


Baletmaestrat first of this body were Georgiy de (Russians), Panayiotis Kanaçi (People's Artist), Agron Other (People's Artist), Skender Aegis (Teacher) etc.. Their contribution is highly valued in the formation and consolidation of professional technical and artistic of this body. From this corps have come up with dozens of talented soloists, that their activities have excellent scenic performing successfully in many national and international ballets, both domestically and abroad.


After the year 1990, from the Corps have left many talented soloists and dancers, who have performed very successfully in various scenes of the world's roles kryerole the world ballets, excelled in many dance shows and private schools ballet. In tours undertaken in China, Italy, Turkey, France, Greece, Macedonia, etc., This troupe is well received by harvested deserved success. For outstanding merit in the field of execution and distribution of Albanian ballet, Ballet troupe and its soloists were honored with honorary degrees, prices, various medals by the Albanian state and beyond

Recent years, TKOBAP ballet troupe has performed on stage masterpieces of Albanian and World ballets.




Ilir Kerni was born in Tirana 18 May 1959. In year 1977 ended Academy of Ballet. Immediately engaged as primo-dancer at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tirana. Currently he is director of the National Theatre of Opera, Ballet and People's Ensemble since 2013.

For his artistic activities Ilir Kerni is valued at more titles, as: Grand-master, Artist of Merit, Award of the Republic etc.. At the same time it is also engaged as a lecturer at the Academy of Ballet, Tirana. Teaching in the field of ballet exercised in Tokyo, France and Croatia. In 1990 won the UNESCO scholarship to jump pedagogy, in "Grand Opera" in Paris. Later he engaged in "Opera de Strasbourg".


From 1994-2013 has been primo-dancer of the National Theatre in Zagreb, and high quality work is decorated several times, such as "Oscar Ormosh" and "The highest price in Croatia" in 2002 Mefistofelit role of the ballet "Faust", as best role,

In year 2005 was given the baletmaestro task of the board of the National Theatre in Zagreb. During his career as a dancer has performed with dozens of prominent roles.